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Competitive Benchmarks

I needed to understand what the industry benchmarks are and those organisations that are leading the way.


To do this I looked at some of the most well-known airlines and a ferry company for good measure to see what may be different.


I also analysed how they integrate their range of services including hotels and rental cars. 

I chose Emirates Airlines and Qatar Airways as it's known to be some of the most reputable luxury airlines. British Airways as it's a decent middle ground between what can be classed as budget or luxury airlines. 

For a final benchmark, I looked outside the realm of airlines and looked at DFS ferries to see how it differs from the airline's websites and if anything would be worth considering incorporating or to learn from.

Putting together an analysis of each of the websites from the user's perspective, I noted that British Airways had a great homepage navigation menu but most of the website information architecture was extremely difficult to understand.


While the opposite could be said about Emirates Airlines.

The homepage navigation to me looked cluttered but the flow of the entire booking process was smooth and the way the class selection options were laid out was much simpler and easy to understand than on all the other websites.

In regards to DFS ferries, while the booking process is quite similar in some ways its also very different in others.

The booking process is much more streamlined with fewer steps. It also has a lot less ambiguity for the user as it only displays small bite-sized pieces of information along with very limited pieces of information needed from the User.


Out of all the websites analysed the DFS site was by far the easiest, fastest and most simple website for a user to use. 

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