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Interaction Design

Design Summary:

For my design, I wanted to stick to the law of three in regards to features and options. When the law of three can't be applied to use progressive disclosure to keep the information tidy and the user engaged.


To give the user ample opportunity and affordances for the user to sign up to the frequent flyer program. To not only help build a marketing database but also to help start brand loyalty and repeat users.

I did away with any type of hotel booking system, as my research has shown that even when a company has the right infrastructure in place for that service. It is very difficult to pull off and harbour all that information without it being cluttered.


Plus from the survey, 70% of users wouldn't book these services through Airline websites and 100% look at multiple websites to compare prices.

In this scenario, as Fly UX is a start-up and at this stage in the design process, I would opt not to build one and to keep the design simple and include only the most important features.

Design Objectives


● The entire process must be in 5 steps or less


● To automate as much of the work for the user as possible


● Limit the features to the right ones to keep it simple


● large amounts of information, must be structured well with iconography so it's easy to digest


● Easy access to more information by the user when needed


● Figure out a way to get new users to join the frequent flyers program


● Stick to the rule of three, no more



Design problems to consider

● The datepicker must not be too large or too small and should contain two months


● The user needs to have easy access to close dropdown menus/boxes with the option of typing aswell as scrolling 


● The design needs to let users go back and forth between pages easily and without any data loss.


● The user's progression status, flight information and prices need to be shown at all times and to be able to be expanded on in all pages

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