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Online Survey

To get an understanding of what the pain points might be for the average user.  I put out a survey to 26 people from different age groups. The objective was to understand what kind of things get in the way of the booking process or the flow. Also how many people use the services like online check-in, hotels, packages and rental cars. 

It would also be good to get an understanding of how many users look at different competitors before they make the decision to book.

My analysis indicated that price and timing were the most important factors to the user before booking. Further, every one of them had checked other websites before making any decision.


Only 30.7% of customers will use other services from that website. Interestingly about 50% choose to use other websites to book holiday accommodation or transportation while 19.2% don't book any of these services.


During the project, some users have cited issues from the coronavirus situation which has created confusion due to restrictions and flight cancelations. No doubt these have been challenging times for all airlines. 

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